Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello World!
Over here in the high mountain valley we have accomplished many things!
We are essentially finished detailing a relationship between our urban agriculture cooperative and the Mountain Roots Food Project organization. After attending a potluck meeting with our cooperative share members, we were able to draft a proposal that explicated how we would exactly be working with this organization that promotes, facilitates, and empowers local food production. It seems that they will be purchasing all of the infrastructure items (i.e. fences, row covers, hoses, etc.) while we will be purchasing the consumable goods (seeds, electrical fees, soil amendments, etc.). In exchange for their fiscal charity we will be giving tours, hosting courses, and donating food throughout our growing season.
We also have a head start on our growing indoors. To cut the edge on the rather short growing season, we have started many seeds inside under a growing lamp. Our poc choi is getting taller everyday. One of the varieties of onions that we are planting, the redman, unfortunatly died out. We have since then, replanted all of the onions of that variety. 
Several other projects we have started not in conjunction with the cooperative include setting up cold frame season extending structures at a friends house. This structure will extend the growing season by acting like a mini greenhouse. We have also started some tomato starts in order to sell at a local garden festival hosted by the Gunnison Farmers Market. We have also began looking into the plausibility of beekeeping in our cold climate.
Till next time,
Enjoy the spring air!