Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello Everybody,

So begins the 2012 growing season. Although it is still chilly out (-15 last night!) we are getting prepared for a highly productive spring, summer, and fall. This year we (Ian & Brian) are learning the in's and outs of growing vegetables in some of the harshest growing conditions of the country.

For our internship/independent study we are working on a cooperative garden space located on the north side of Gunnison on Boulevard street. There are two properties involved for the upcoming season. Steve Shecter was kind enough to invite us to garden on his property which encompasses an undeveloped lot that has been a veggie patch for a few years now. Across the street a friendly woman, Susan, has allowed us to develop her perimeter yard space because she has a similar disliking for non native grass yards. 

As you can see below we are getting excited for the spring as a handstand is attempted atop a large pile of manure. Last fall a group of hopeful gardeners all came together to develop Steve and Susan's land. Together we gather hundreds of pounds of manure, leaves,  and straw to ammend Steve's garden beds and planted over 2500 cloves of garlic!

Currently we have over 700 onion starts germinating to be grown indoors in seed start trays for another 6 weeks. Next we will start some Pac Choy for early spring greens. There are a lot of details to be hammered out regarding the set up and organization of this cooperative gardening experiment. We know that Mountain Roots (a local non-profit) will be working with us, and we are excited to have their support. 

There will sure to be many posts as the season progresses. Check back soon and we will have garden schematics along with details about the project's organization. 

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